Awana House


The house is positioned on a steep hillside, overlooking Awana beach.

An early decision was taken not to form a road all the way to the house and as a consequence, to provide access for the challenging task of transporting materials and machinery to site, a temporary two hundred meter access track was carved out of the hill. In addition, the location of the build was on a major earth slip and significant stabilisation work was required before construction could commence

The backbone of the dwelling was constructed with concrete block. This 'spine' also acts as the main retaining wall. When the wall and concrete floor slab were completed a complex steel skeleton was erected and the building of triangulated wall and roof planes completed.

The house has only three rooms; the open planed living and kitchen area with a bedroom and bathroom located off the hallway. Sophisticated walls take their design queues from a tent shape and slide open leaving the open planned kitchen and living room exposed. The 'tent' walls are made using the same material as truck slider sides while the interior walls are clad in exterior timber.